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Winnipeg linesman Vaughan Rody vows to get his stripes back after injury
Written by Paul Friesen - Winnipeg Sun   
He may have to change his skating style and learn to live with a bit of pain.

Heck, he may never be able to put his shoes on quite the same way again.

But Vaughan Rody vows to make it back to the NHL.

“I refuse to go out like this,” Rody said. “I will not have this dictate how my last game ends — there’s no way.”

Rody, 45, is an NHL linesman, one of just three born-and-raised Manitobans wearing stripes in the best hockey league in the world.

These days, Rody’s stripes and...

Graham Skilliter is the ref with the right stripes
Written by Jonathon Gatehouse - Mcleans   
The call-up to “the Show” came via email, on a Friday morning this past July, when Graham Skilliter was halfway through the 14-hour drive from his home in Saskatoon to his wedding weekend in Kelowna, B.C. He found it in his inbox during a pit stop for coffee outside Calgary: a summons to the NHL offices in Toronto to meet with Stephen Walkom, the league’s director of officiating. The 29-year-old typed back a polite note asking for a postponement and then went outside to call his...

ECHL Officials Report to Camp Friday
The ECHL announced on Thursday its annual On-Ice Officials Training Camp will be held Friday through Sunday in Toledo, Ohio at the Huntington Center and Park Inn Hotel.

The preseason camp will include returning members of the officiating staff, newly-hired referees and linesmen and the ECHL supervisory staff.

“The ECHL Officiating Department is pleased with the dedication of our Officials whose preseason preparation and training will carry them into the regular season and through the...

Orangeville man trades financial planning portfolio for NHL referee whistle
Written by Chris Halliday - Orangeville Banner   
Shandor Alphonso has never been closer to being in the National Hockey League (NHL).

He won’t be wearing shinguards or shoulders pads though. The 30-year-old Orangeville resident will be wearing black and white stripes.

Alphonso signed a National Hockey League Officials Association (NHLOA) contract as a minor league linesman in late September.

He is set to split his time making off sides and icing calls between the American Hockey League (AHL) and NHL this upcoming season.

"It was a...

NHL pre-season won't be interrupted by referee's CBA talks
The NHL pre-season will not be interrupted by job action on the part of on-ice officials, QMI Agency has learned.

Exhibition games are set to begin Sunday and the league’s regular roster of referees and linesmen will report for duty despite not having a collective-bargaining agreement in place.

The officials have no intention of going on strike and expect to have a deal in place by the start of the 2014-15 campaign.

In 2010, the two sides also negotiated while officials worked through...


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